creative technology for another world on her way


"Innovative, interactive and creative inventions of the future." 
"Cool inventions using new technologies to solve problems and explore the needs and expressions of her community."
"Mixes innovation, creativity, and modern style to create products and organizations that empower and credit marginalized people." 

I'm currently the Creative Director at the David E. Glover Education & Technology Center. I received my Master’s from the Interactive Telecommunication Program at NYU. Prior to that I was creating engaging media and arts programming for youth at Youth Radio and BAMFA and traveling the country recording oral histories with StoryCorps. My 10+ years experience as a radio journalist has been featured on NPR

  • Populations I’ve designed for: youth, older adults, differently-abled bodies, people with periods, people without homes. 

  • Design challenges I've addressed: menstrual cycles and experiences, aging in place, police brutality, gentrification, diversity inclusion, online harassment and trolling.   

  • Mediums I’ve worked in: augmented reality, physical/tangible products, fashion technology, video games, installation, mobile and web-based apps, audio.